I want to stop tasting you in my morning coffee
and hearing your voice in my favorite songs.
I want to stop breathing your name in my sleep
and dreaming of the smile you once had for me.
I’m so scared that no matter how far you’ve gone
I’ll always be finding pieces of you.

even though you’re gone, you aren’t (via sighplant)
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Persephone, in love,

spilled pomegranate seeds
down her chin and stained
the dress He bought for her.

On cold nights I step in the bathtub
to baptise myself, fully clothed,
and grow flowers in my seams.

Did She look for the tubs of fire
inside His kingdom and wonder
if anything was ever born from flames?

And I have long since known a phoenix
will rise from the ashes but I
wonder, what will rise from mine?

When the world breathes again and Her
feet made free to defrost the earth,
the blossoms will spring forth.

Then, stepping from the holy water,
frozen and alive and
searching for My spring

on tiled floors whilst soaked
down to shaking bones,
roots bloom across My skin.

Born again from the depths
of secret fires and ice,
fingertips reach out, thaw,

bare feet and pomegranate
down the front of her dress,
Persephone, in love.

Sophie Clews (via hibernas)
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how can I get over you
if we still see each other
every single day like this?
how can I stop my feelings
for you if you keep texting me
every single night like this?
can you please understand that
I have to forget about you because
the word 'we' will never ever exists?

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I’ve spent too many nights stumbling out of bars at three am in heels two inches too high with a man on my arm who smells like too much whiskey and stale cologne. Nestling into your arms felt like going home early on a Saturday night, and I haven’t needed a drink since.

changes | S.B. (via fallinlovewithapoet)
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everyone who knows her loves her, if only just a little.
i got more into it than most.
i was standing on the edge, ready to jump, but she took my hand and then i was soaring and falling for her all at once.
all of a sudden she let go and it was too late, i was in too deep. i didn’t realize love had an off switch but she found it and i didn’t.
now i’m down here all alone,
watching her spread her wings and trying to remember how it feels to fly.

i fell in love with her and now i can’t manage to claw my way out. (via poppyflowerpoetry)
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Let me feel the inner walls of your mind
Let me feel your existence
There is so much more to you than what lays between your legs
I want to learn your heart before I learn your body
Please let me.

m.n. (via unscriptedconfabulationmn)
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We were too soft and supple for this broken world, so we bent our bones into bruise shaped wishes.

(via enamoredwithsherlolly)
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